Custom masterbatches

For 2MASTERS, the production of masterbatches is always custom work. The customer’s wish is the guiding principle for producing the masterbatches, taking into account the highest possible filling ratio of additives to produce sustainably. As a result, less masterbatch is needed to realize the final product, requiring less packaging material and, ultimately, less transportation, which is better for the environment.

No minimum or maximum weight per packaging

Every order size can be packaged as the customer desires. 2MASTERS maintains no minimum or maximum weight per packaging. Boxes, bags, big bags, fiber drums, or octabins are available to pack the order to measure. Anything is possible. So that each packaging of masterbatches fits best into the customer’s production line.

Sustainable entrepreneurship

As of January 2023, 2MASTERS is located in a new company building in the Nijverdal industrial park. This Nearly Zero-Energy Building (NZEB) is equipped with 723 solar panels, temperature-accumulating walls, and LED lighting. The hot water, derived from the cooling production, flows through the heating pipes that heat the office spaces. With the expansion of the number of machines, the capacity has been increased, material routing and order processing optimized, and the new business premises offer opportunities for further growth.

About us

2MASTERS was founded in February 2013 by brothers Dinand and Erwin Tijhuis. They have been working in the plastics industry since the 1990s. 2MASTERS is a no-nonsense and hands-on company with short lines of communication, where management forms a team alongside 16 employees. The team works in three shifts and is internally trained to carry out the specialized work of 2MASTERS.

2MASTERS is socially involved with local sports associations and organizations. Sponsorship of various sports and donations to local, socially engaged initiatives is important to the company.